Sunday, February 18, 2018






Sunday Series


CA13 9SG

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Update 17thIt is now possible to drive to the parking using the 'usual' road in from just east of the school (left fork at the junction). There may still be cones in place as the drainage works are being finished off but this is on the side of the road. We should be OK to use the road on Sunday. [The other alternatives below are available if you are coming in from other directions!] 

Update 13th: Registration and parking for Setmurthy on Sunday is at the 'usual place' (NY161314, CA13 9SG) as this is closer to the start for the Easy / Novice course.
There is a different start for the medium and hard courses ~0.75 km walk to the east at NY167313. The route will either be along the road (if still closed) or via a taped route through the woods.
Note: The road in from just beyond the school is still closed (13th) - so the approach direction currently is still limited to the south (up from Embleton past the golf club) or from the east (Higham Hall) then head down (through cones) to the parking.
Please check website / FB page nearer the event for approach updates.


No dogs on the courses


  • Easy = 1.7 km, 7 controls
  • Medium = 2.6 km, 10 controls
  • Hard = 4.0 km, 14 controls

Something for everyone!

Start Times: 

11:00 to 12 noon (coaching from 10:00)

Courses Close: 

1.30 pm


Janette McHendry

Other Notes: 

Coaching (suitable for everyone from TD1-5) will be from 10:00 to 11:00 - a great chance to work on your skills and then put them into practice. Please let Lynne know you are coming so that maps can be printed -