Thursday, June 9, 2022






Summer Series


Grid Ref: NY 151054
Google Maps: Location
Parking and registration at usual spot on the shores of Wast Water at the Greendale road junction. GR NY 151054.  NOTE there is a reported road closure in Gosforth, which might entail a diversion or delay.


No dogs on the courses


Online entries via Racesignup.  https://racesignup.co.uk/site/event.php?eventid=2835
SI Dibbers available to use.


Long  5.0km           220m climb
Short 3.2km           110m climb
Easy   1.3km           20m climb

‘Wow’ its been 3 years since we had an event at this iconic gem of an area on the shores of Wast Water.  A smorgasbord of bumps, lumps, marshes, rock and crags awaits you.  Well worth the trip down the coast for the stunning location and views. Courses to cater for everyone from a ‘full on’ 5km middle distance style course taking you to all corners, to a shorter but still technical 3.2km and an easier course for the kids and beginners.  Come and take the challenge, followed by a paddle in the Lake after your course (or maybe during?!)


Roger Thomas

Other Notes: 

Mapping Notes:
Bracken is not shown, but covers most of the area. It is generally sparse and low and not an impediment to running (one week before event).

There are areas of unmapped Gorse mainly along streams in the northeast part of the map.  Routes can be found through it, (affects LONG course only).

There is a large fenced enclosure in the middle of the area, which must only be crossed at marked crossing points.

There are several marshes shown as Out of Bounds which must not be crossed.

The occasional isolated trees are not mapped.