Wythop North


Thursday, December 19, 2019






Night Series


CA13 9YG

Grid Reference: 



Forestry Commision - Peel Wyke

Grid Ref: NY204306
Postcode: CA13 9YG

Parking: Main parking is at Peil Wyke. The entrance is off the minor road to Routenbeck NY198305. Please park with consideration of the residents at the forestry cottages (good future relations depend on it)


No dogs on the courses


Enter on the day.

Juniors £2

Adults £4

Our events are open to non-members. Non-members will be covered by public liability for 3 events. If you’ve enjoyed three events we’d love you to join us by following this link https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/join


Long and Short: both are 45 minute score courses (remember to bring a watch as well as a torch). 10 points per control. Penalty for lateness: 5 points per minute for the first 5 minutes, then 10 points per minute for the next 10 minutes. Over 15 minutes late: lose all points !
Novice: a normal line course, entirely on tracks:2km


Long, Short & Novice

Start Times: 

17:30 - 19:00

Courses Close: 



Ian Teasdale

Other Notes: 

Planner's Notes: Much of this beautiful area was felled in 2018 and has recently been resurveyed. The newly revealed views are truly awesome. However, the forest floor is hard going higher up (brashings), lower down (brambles), and in the middle (bracken). The very highest open slopes are the best - as they were felled longer ago. The planner’s advice is to stick to tracks for the most part. Controls in terrain have been chosen to pick out better areas.
Safety: Head north until you find a forest track and then east.

WCOC Night Series 2019-20

The format is the same as previous years with the events before the New Year being on easier terrain offering a Novice course (1-2 km) for those new to night orienteering as well as the usual Long (4-5 km) and Short (2-3 km) courses.

In the New Year the venues get more technical and wilder, and so are not suitable for novice juniors at night. However, the intention is, where appropriate, to offer a lower technical difficulty (3-4 km) ‘Nighthawk’ course suitable for novice adults.

You will need a good lamp or light, preferably a headtorch to leave your hands free for the map and compass! The events really are great fun, and because you have to be sure of your location at all times, your orienteering skills will improve no end.

The weather will generally be cold and wet, with underfoot conditions muddy, icy, or if we're very lucky snowy! The conditions will dictate the safety requirements. Clothing suitable for the terrain and conditions should be worn, so come prepared.

It is recommended that you carry a whistle and spare batteries/torch. It is also advised that you wear some form of reflective clothing in the unlikely event of a search for a competitor who is hurt, unable to walk or is concussed). This shouldn’t be too difficult as most modern clothing, shoes, back packs or bum bags have some reflective sections or flashes. However, some reflective armbands will also be available at registration.

Starts are from 5.30 – 7.00 pm and courses will close promptly at 8.30 pm (unless otherwise indicated at registration). Earlier starts may be allowed if the planner is ready to go. ALL COMPETITORS SHOULD ENSURE THAT THEY REGISTER BEFORE RUNNING AND HAVE RETURNED TO REGISTRATION BY THE COURSE CLOSE TIME, EVEN IF THEY HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE COURSE.If you arrive late please consider running a shorter course to ensure you have returned by course close time.