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British Schools Championship - Sunday 18th November at "Delamere Woods"

We set off on a cold, dark November morning, as we got on the bus the excitement was brewing. There were girls and boys from year 7-13 from Cockermouth and Keswick all ready to race! We were on the bus for three hours so when we got there everyone was relieved! We got off the bus and went to put the tent up. Then we had at least an hour or so until the first person had to start. So we had a look where the finish and last controls were and then headed up to the start. When we got to where the girls started the boys had to go further up the road to their start. We went and got our dibbers when told, got our maps and then went off on our run. After you had finished, downloaded and put your map in our bag, you got a gingerbread man with the orienteering logo on (they were “yum yum!”). We got changed and waited for the results. We came 4th school overall, got 4th year 8 girls, 1st year 10 girls and 3rd year 8 boys. In individual results (top 10) I got 9th, Katrina Hemmingway got 6th, Hannah Bradley got 3rd, Alastair Thomas got 2nd, Daniel Spencer got 5th and last but not least Callum Pearson came 7th so overall most people had a very good run!! It was also very nice to see club members competing for other schools. I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff and organisers that came because it wouldn’t have been possible without you!!

By Niamh


North West Squad Training – Saturday 10th November at “Hogg’s Earth”

We did some activities to improve basic skills. Activity one was “Enlarging Controls” where you had to use features around the control to guide you to it. Activity two was “Big Features” which was when you used a large feature like a hill to tell you when you were close to your control. Activity three was “Attack Points” where you had to use brown features as your attack point. The last activity was “Fine Controls” which were really technical controls, it was 1.1km and it took me half an hour! I really enjoyed the training and I hope I get the chance to do it again. A big thank you to all the coaches and organisers as they did a great job and got quite wet and cold!

By Daniel

WCOC Junior Training- Saturday 10th November at "Hogg’s Earth"

We did some activities on accuracy. The first exercise we did was finding controls and marking them on the map. It was quite hard for the people doing it backwards. After that we moved, and did compass bearings with a star course. It rained a bit then. All in all it was great fun (even if we did get a little bit wet!). A big thanks to Lesley and all the helpers. This wouldn’t be possible without them.

By Rosie