Copeland Chase

November 2016 - Many thanks to John Slater and Kate Charles who have organised and planned the Copeland Chase from 2007 to 2016. Keep an eye on the WCOC website - hopefully this worthwhile and challenging event will continue...

The Copeland Chase is a 'long' orienteering event (Long-O) held in West Cumbria every autumn. The event follows a traditional format of short (~10k), medium (~15k) and long (~20k) cross-country courses, each having a number of 'controls' which are to be visited in the specified order. Therefore some navigational skills are required. The controls are generally easier to find than in traditional orienteering events, but a bit less obvious than in normal fell races (i.e they are not all on the tops of hills). Control sites are similar to those used in a typical mountain marathon event, and we aim to supply quality, pre-marked and bagged orienteering maps on a 1:20,000 scale or better. We use SPORTident electronic punching.

In 2007, the event was resurrected by members of the West Cumberland Orienteering Club (WCOC) after an absence of 7 years.

For Results from 2014 onwards, see the Results page of this website.  (The picture below shows Shane Ohly - Long Course winner 2014 - receiving the trophy from planner and organiser John Slater.)

Copeland Chase Winner Long Course 2014

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