Great JK and British Champs successes...

JK weekend:
Finally the results are published. Congratulations to the two junior teams who made it to the podium. The M48- team of Joe Sunley, Charlie Rennie and Joe Hudd won, and the M/W40- team of Issy Sunley, Myrtle Ashworth and Daisy Rennie were placed second. Brilliant results!

British Champs:
The weekend started with a new addition, the mixed sprint relay. The junior team of Joe Sunley, Caitlin Irving and Charlie Rennie swept the opposition aside with a great win. The individuals on the Sunday had many podium finishes for WCOC. Hiroki Holmes (1st) and Ash Boothroyd (2nd) on M10. Daisy Rennie was 3rd on W14A, with Emma Crawford just missing out in 4th. Caitlin Irving was 3rd on W16A. On M16A there was a clean sweep for Joe Sunley (1st), Joe Hudd (2nd) and Charlie Rennie (3rd). The photo of the 16’s podium was very impressive! Niamh Hunter was 2nd on W20E, as was Alastair Thomas on M20E. Michael Pearson won M75,  howing that he has retained his fitness and set aside the niggling injuries. In the relays, Caitlin, Lynne and Niamh were 3rd on Women's Short; Joe, Charlie and Joe won M18; Lily, Carys and Jess were 2nd on W18; and Issy, Emma and Daisy won W14! See the BOC website for full results.