Harris Park - Planner's Comments

I agreed to plan the Harris Park event as it's close to my house and I know the area quite well.  I started by planning some courses on OCAD (with lots of help from my Dad) knowing there had to be three courses.  Once I was happy with the courses I'd planned I had to check the area to see what some of the control sites were like and how I would describe them on the descriptions.  I went out for a run...

 ...around the park and the streets nearby on the Monday before the event, everything was fine and I could use all the control sites.  I went out again on the Wednesday night to run the courses and check they weren't too long/short.  They were all around the right length and we sent the courses off to Roger so he could get them printed.  

On the Sunday I got up and put the controls out in the park,  My dad biked round the estate and put all the controls out there.  I waited in the park wondering after planning and running the courses if anyone was going to turn up!  Thankfully people did begin to arrive and set off on the courses.  It was a great sunny day and we got a decent turnout.  

After the event people were kind enough to help by collecting in 1 or 2 controls each, which made it much easier for me and my Dad.  We got home and did all the results (after getting auto-download to work). Unfortunatly a lot of people mis-punched due to 2 controls being moved from their original places.  (We decided to credit everyone with finding these, rather than removing all these legs from the courses - not a perfect solution but I hope people enjoyed their runs.)  

I now realise that even planning a small event like this was quite a lot of work - a lot more than just planning a course and turning up.  I'd just like to say a big thankyou to all the planners and organisers who organise all the brilliant events that we just turn up and run at, it's a lot more work than it seems.....