Compass Sport Cup Heat, Bampton Common


Sunday, March 17, 2019




CA10 2QL

Grid Reference: 



No dogs on the courses


Make your own entries via SI Entries. See below.
The entry deadline is 3rd March

Other Notes: 

Compass Sport cup
The compass sport cup is the only national club competition for the whole club and the ideal time for new members to represent their club.
We need 25 scoring runners across all the classes and the way the scoring system works means all our runners can have an important part to play even beginners.
The courses may be different to what you normally run and to get the best chance of scoring I may need to ask you to run another course.
The final this year will be held in the South on 20th October at Pippingford Park Crowborough.
Details of heat here.

The entry deadline is 3rd March
Entry fee £12 seniors £6 juniors
Can you please log onto SI entries and enter the class according to the guidelines. If you have any queries please email me at

4.1 Course details
4.1.1 There shall be twelve different CompassSport classes, with courses planned to the colour coded standards shown below.

CS Class / CompassSport Course / BOF Age Classes / Class Size
1 Brown Men  Open Large
2 Short Brown M20- M40+  Large
3 Blue  Women Women  Open Large
4 Blue  Men M50+ Large
5 Green  Women W20- W45+   Large
6 Green  Men M60+ Large
7 Veterans Short Green   M70+  W60+  Large
8A Junior Men (Green) Men 18- Small
8B Junior Women (Short Green) Women 18- Small
9A Orange  Men Men 14- Small
9B Orange  Women Women 14- Small
10 Super Veterans Short Green M80+  W70+ Small