Keswick Urban


Friday, May 20, 2022






Summer Series


The start and finish are at Keswick Moot Hall. Registration will be at the Moot Hall.


The event is being run immediately after the Keswick Mountain Festival Town Trials. There will be a lots of controls and short legs in the area around the Moot Hall.


Bell Close Car Park is the closest to the Moot Hall (Pay and Display).
Moot Hall: Location
Bell Close Car Park: Location
There are a number of other car parks and free disc parking on some of the nearby streets.


No dogs on the courses


Entries will be via RaceSignUp.
Online entries close Thursday 19th May 18:00

There will be LIMITED entry on the day and you are encouraged to enter online before the Thursday deadline.
NOTE: This is a FRIDAY event not the usual Thursday!


Provisional Details:

Long 2.6km 22 controls
Short 1.7km 15 controls

Both courses avoid any areas with significant traffic and so are suitable for U16s. However, the long course does cross a minor round and goes through one of the town’s car parks.

Course Format:
Both courses start with a going round the Town Trials course (about 100m). Once round the Town Trials course on the short course and twice round on the long course. After going round the Town Trials course you will receive the map. Everyone doing the short course will have the same map. On the long course, to split people up, there are different maps. Do the course on the map you are given. Everyone will end up doing the same controls but in a different order.

Start Times: 

Both courses have a MASS START. This will be when the band has finished. Approximate times are short 6.15pm and long 6.20pm


Steve Birkinshaw

Other Notes: 

Safety: Neither of the courses cross any roads with significant traffic. The long courses go across one of the car parks and a minor road, so look out for moving vehicles in these areas. Take care in the narrow passages around the Moot Hall and also take care near pedestrians walking around the town. The main roads in Keswick are marked as out of bounds and must not be crossed, the pavement next to these roads may be used.