Castle Park, Whitehaven (Micro-O)


Thursday, October 5, 2017






Autumn Series


Whitehaven, CA28 7RF

Grid Reference: 



No dogs on the courses


Seniors £3.50              Juniors £2 

Start Times: 

17:30 – 19:00

Courses Close: 

19:30 (daylight allowing)


Matthew Vokes

Other Notes: 

Very short courses requiring accurate navigation & map reading. All courses within the confines of Castle Park. No control descriptions or control codes! Instead, you must use the map to navigate to the control at the centre of the circle (as per normal), but it is also marked with a dot to help. There are lots of controls out there (58 of them), some of which are very close together (eg different sides of the same tree).

Mispunches will not result in disqualification, but a time penalty. 30 second penalty for every wrong control punched (so don’t just punch everything) or every missed control! SIAC will not be enabled, so you won’t punch any extras by mistake. Some controls might be less than 5 seconds apart though, so your fancy dibber may now be a hindrance…
There will be a maze too for added excitement – but please don’t jump over, or punch through, the fences.
Specially updated large scale map (1:800), with additional detail (though it was done in not much time – no complaints about it please….)
4 courses:
A & B – individual courses ~ 0.7-0.8km each
F(inal) – head to head course with butterfly loops – run this against some friends once you’ve “got your eye in”, ~1km
Novice – individual course, with correct controls more obvious to identify, ~0.5km
Run as many, or as few courses as you want. If you are running more than one course (which is encouraged!), please endeavour to recycle maps so that we have enough to go round everyone.
Registration will be in the middle of the park, nearest parking is at Morrisons.