WCOC Hall of Fame

Here are some details of who won what when at WCOC over the past few years (going back to 2007). If you have any further information from longer ago, please get in touch via website@wcoc.co.uk

Awards for 2019 (given out at Club Social, Jan 4th 2020):

  • Chris Bland Trophy - Roger Jackson - for his outstanding contribution to WCOC
  • Rising Stars - Jamie Rennie and Catherine Wetherfield - for progress up the BOF rankings
  • Rising Stars - Alex and Stuart Crawford - for collecting a full set of 6 BOF ranking scores
  • Galoppen course winners (juniors) - Wilf Teasdale (Green), Emma Crawford (Lt gr), Sophie Crawford (Orange), Toby Heppell (Orange)
  • Club Legend - Liz Elliot - for competing in 70 events in her 70th year!
  • (Minimal) Carbon Footprint Award - Mike Pearson
  • New Planners in 2019 - Crawford family, Caitlin Pearson, Joe Sunley, Rebecca Crellin, Jonty Goodwin, and Herbie Ashworth

Junior awards:

  • Individual girl - Daisy Rennie; Individual boy - Hiroki Holmes 
  • Team award - Joe Sunley, Charlie Rennie and Joe Hudd (for wins in relays - JK M48- and British M18)
  • Most improved - 

Club Chase 2020 (Jan 4th):

  • Winner - Anne Burbidge
  • Course Winners - Charlie Rennie (Brown), Steve Breeze (Blue), Scott Ashworth (Green), Daisy Rennie (Lt Green), Toby Heppell (Orange) and Hiroki Holmes (Yellow)

Club Chase 2019 (Jan 6th)

  • Winner - Nick Evans
  • Course Winners - Sam Stead (Brown), Graham Waatson (Blue), Caitlin Irving (Green), Isaac Hunter (Lt Gr), George Rennie (Orange), Sophie Crawford (Yellow)

(Note: the format of having the social in the evening after the Club Chase means that this year there are 2 Club Chase winners to report)

Other notable successes:

  • Peter Palmer Relays (national junior club competition) - WCOC winners in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • British Schools Orientering Championships (national school competition) - Cockermouth School second in Nov 2019


Awards for 2018 (given out at Club Social, Jan 5th 2019):

  • Chris Bland Trophy - Graham Watson and Mike Harrison - for their outstanding contribution to WCOC over the past few years
  • Rising Stars - Helen Rennie and Jon Eaton - for progress up the BOF rankings
  • Galoppen course winners (juniors) - Wilf Teasdale (Lt Gr), Isaac Hunter (Orange), Hiroki Holmes (Yellow), Sophie Crawford (Yellow)

Junior awards:

  • Individual girl - Niamh Hunter; Individual boy - Alastair Thomas and Daniel Spencer
  • Team award - ALL the juniors (for so much success over the year again, including 3rd Peter Palmer Trophy in a row, and 2nd at Yvette Baker)
  • Most improved - Emma Crawford

Club Chase (Jan 7th 2018) - Louis Morris 

NEW (Jan 19) Click here for WCOC British and JK Champions 2006 to 2018 (this list may not be complete - please contact website@wcoc.co.uk if you have more information)

Other notable successes:

  • Peter Palmer Relays (national junior club competition) - WCOC winners in 2016, 2017 and 2018
  • British Schools Orientering Championships (national school competition) - Cockermouth School winners in 2015, 2016 and 2017, second in 2018 (with teams made up of WCOC juniors)


Awards for 2017 (given out at Club Social, Jan 6th, 2018):

  • Club Chase (July 8th 2017) - Joe Sunley
  • Club Chase (Jan 7th 2017) - Matthew Vokes 


Awards for 2016 (given out at Club Social, Jan 7th 2017):

  • Chris Bland Trophy - Lynne Thomas - for her outstanding contribution to coaching at WCOC over the past few years
  • Rising Stars - Liz Elliot and Steve Holmes - for progress up the BOF rankings
  • Orienteers of the Year - Sue Skinner and Simon Hunter - for those who have continued to improve and perform at a high level through the year
  • Junior awards:
  • Individual girl - Niamh Hunter; Individual boy - Joe Sunley
  • Team award - ALL the juniors (for so much success over the year)
  • Most improved - Ben Goodwin

Club Chase (Jan 2016) - Anne Burbidge


Awards for 2015

Orienteers of the Year:   

  • Alastair Thomas - World Schools Gold (Long) and Silver (Middle). Night, sprint and middle British Champion. JK Relay win, JHIs, GB Talent squad
  • Hannah Bradley - consistent improved good performance, with big rise in BOF ranking.

Rising Stars - Vanessa Brierley and Ian Teasdale

Planner - Helen Winskill (CSC event at High Rigg)

Chris Bland Trophy (major contribution) - John Taylor


  • Individual girl - Isabel Sunley;  Individual boy - Isaac Hunter
  • Team - Ben Breeze, Daniel Spencer, Alastair Thomas
  • Most improved - Joe Goodwin


Awards for 2014

Performance Awards - Helen Winskill, Lewis Taylor, Katrina Hemmingway, Steve Birkinshaw, Sue Skinner, Mike Billinghurst, Kate Charles, David Spencer, Angela Jackson, Phil Winskill

Chris Bland Trophy - Lesley Worrnham


  • Team of the Year - Jen, Kate and Katie - British Schools win
  • Individual Awards (for commitment, performance and improvement) - Ben Goodwin, Niamh Hunter

Awards for 2013

Performance Awards - Lewis Taylor, Charlotte Watson, Mike Billinghurst, Helen Winskill, John Slater, Katrina Hemmingway, David Spencer, Sue Skinner, Alan Irving, Kate Charles

Mapping - Pete Nelson

Chris Bland Trophy (Major Contribution to the Club) - Margaret Mackenzie (10 years as club captain and work with schools)

Rising Stars - Vanessa Brierley, Jane Hunter, Catherine Wetherfield, Pam Rumney, Ian Teasdale, Chris Hope, Deborah Goodwin, ....Maxwell


Awards for 2012

Performance (seniors from BOF ranking) - Lewis Taylor, Mike Billinghurst, Helen Winskill, Charlotte Watson, Alan Irving, Andrew Bradley, David Spencer, Phil Winskill, John Slater, John Taylor

Performance (juniors) - Alastair Thomas, Charlotte Watson, Rosie Watson, Katie Lowles, Kate Skinner, Jen Bradley, Joe Goodwin, Daniel Spencer, Hannah Bradley, Katrina Hemmingway, Lewis Taylor

Outstanding Achievement - Lewis Talylor, Mike Billinghurst, Helen Winskill, Charlotte Watson, Alan Irving, Phil Winskill, John Slater, Alastair Thomas, Hannah Bradley

Chris Bland Trophy - Natalie Burns

Major Contribution - BOC Team of John Slater, Kate Charles, Dave Downes, Nettie and Mike Billinghurst, Mike Pearson, Dick Warner, Sue Skinner (Relays Planner), and Lynne Thomas (Coordinater for the whole event)

Team of the Year - British Champions, Womens Trophy - Rosie Watson, Helen Winskill, Margaret Mackenzie (WCOC 2nd year in a row)

Mapping - Jon Eaton (Westlakes Sprint Map)

Rising Stars - Angela Jackson, Rosie Spencer, Niamh Hunter, Katie Lowles, Daniel Spencer, Callum Pearson

Most memorable event - High Rigg Galloppen


Awards for 2011

Performance - Steve Birkinshaw, Lewis Taylor, Mike Billinghurst, Charlotte Watson, Helen Winskill, John Slater, Alan Irving, Andy Bradley, Phil Winskill, Martin Skinner, Alastair Thomas, Katrina Hemmingway, Rosie Watson (JHIs).

Rising Stars - Kate Skinner, Daniel Spencer, Ben Breeze, Jessica Breeze, Alex Chaudri, David Spencer, Ian Lowles

Chris Bland Trophy - Dave Fenwick

Major Contribution - Dave Downes (fashion, membership)

Team of the Year - Ladies British Champions - Helen Winskill, Charlotte Watson, Margaret Mackenzie

Junior Star - Charlotte Watson - JK W18E, JWOC, Northern Champion

Mapping - Andy Warner (110th map)

Memorable event - Silloth (Andy Warner)


Awards for 2010

Team of the year - Yr 8 Girls, Jenny Bradley, Katie Lowles, Kate Skinner

Rising Stars - Chris Telford, Philip Jennings, Anne Burbidge, Callum Pearson, Steve Telford

Outstanding Achievement: top 10 WCOC in British Rankings:

1              Lewis Taylor - selected for England JHI and summer tour, and British Night Champion

2              Mike Billinghurst

3              Charlotte Watson - British Champion, JK Winner, selected for England JHI and JWOC in Denmark

4              Helen Winskill

5              Graham Hemmingway

6              Alan Irving

7              Andy Bradley

8              Rosie Watson - selected for England JHI team and summer tour

9              Martin Skinner

10           Roger Thomas

Also for his JK win - Alastair Thomas

For winning British, Northern, and Scottish Long and Spring Champs - Katrina Hemmingway

Tony BB for his Mountain Bike 3rd place for GB in Gdansk, Poland

Most memorable event - Blakeley Raise night (Long course - 8 finishers, 6 retirals; Short course - 6 finishers, 8 retirals!)

Mapping Award - Pete Nelson

Major Contribution - John Slater

Chris Bland Trophy - Roger Jackson

Junior Star - Katrina Hemmingway

Travelling Scholarship - Lewis Taylor


Awards for 2009

Mapping - Pete Nelson

Chris Bland Trophy - Bob Barnby

Major Contribution  Award - Natalie Burns for Clubmark

Team Award - The WCOC Club for 'Club of the Year Award' (BOF?), with special mention to Ged Hagan

Rising Stars - Sam Pagett, Heather Wornham, Chris Whitby, Alex Hargreaves, Kate Skinner, Jenny Bradley, Alastair Thomas

Outstanding Achievement - Mike Billinghurst, Steve Birkinshaw, Hannah Bradley, Rosie Watson, Charlotte Watson, Graham Hemmingway, Katrina Hemmingway, Chris Brand Barker

Junior Star Performer - Charlotte Watson

Most memorable event - Chris Emerson's night event


Awards for 2008

Mapping - Dick Warner

Team Award - Juniors Yvette Baker Trophy team

Major Contribution - Margaret Mackenzie

Chris Bland Memorial - Joyce Hemmingway

Rising Stars                     Outstanding Achievement/Performance

Ben Emerson                     Charlotte Watson

Hannah Bradley                 Rosie Watson

Nathaniel Green                 Graham Hemmingway

Paul Eaton                         Susan Skinner

Mike Harrison                    Mike Noblett

Angela Jackson                  Mhairi Mackenzie

Esther Moore                     Hannah Bradley

Katrina Hemmingway         Lewis Taylor

                                          Mike Pearson

Junior Star - Charlotte Watson

Special Recognition - the Brand Barker Family

Awards voted for by Club members:

Most memorable event - Setmurthy New Years Day 2009 (Dave Fenwick)

Club Personality - Ged Hagan

Junior Personality - Lewis Taylor


Awards for 2007

Mapping - for continued production of quality maps (and for the 5th time in a row) - Andy Warner

Major Contribution - Nettie Billinghurst, for sterling efforts in producing our topdrawer newsletter for a number of years (over 50 editions).

First time the Major Contribution awarded so it was agreed to recognise, for their hard work in previous years:

Rob Holder - for many years organising and being involved in so many aspects of the club

Duncan Taylor - for tireless work in coordination and producing results for evening events

Walter Harrison - the father of our Spring Series, which he organised (even years after he hung up his O shoes)

Roger Jackson - for his continued efforts in so many facets of the club.

Rising Stars:                            Outstanding Achievement/Performance

Charlotte Watson                       Mike Noblett

Nathaniel Green                         Lewis Taylor

Michael Green                           Rosie Watson

Alice Rae                                   Charlotte Watson

Sam Cockbain                           Graham Hemmingway

John Cowper                             Mike Billinghurst

Hannah Bradley                         Susan Skinner

Paul Eaton                                 Margaret Mackenzie

Ben Emerson

Brian Wilson

Mel Bradley

Debbie Watson

Junior Star (annual award) - Charlotte Watson

Awards voted for by club members:

Most memorable event - Copeland Chase (John Slater)

Club personality - Ged Hagan

Junior personality - Lewis Taylor

Best performance - M40 British Champs Relay Winners